Gas Prices

Effective October 23, 2014, the price of 87 and 90-gasoline is to be reduced by $1.24 per litre.

Automotive diesel oil is to sell for $1.83 less per litre.

Ultra low sulphur diesel is down $1.34.

The price of kerosene will be cut by $1.77.

It will cost $1.84 less...Read More »

PSOJ Commends Ebola Plan

The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica , PSOJ, says it’s encouraged by preparations being made by the government to deal with the Ebola threat.

The PSOJ says it’s particularly pleased by plans to establish an immediate Ebola response team.

PSOJ President, Christopher Zacca, says a number of positive steps have recently been...Read More »

Jamaica NOT Ebola Ready! - Dr Banjo

The man who sparked an Ebola scare at the Mandeville Regional Hospital in Manchester last week, says the Jamaican health system is not prepared to deal with the disease, should it arrive on our shores.

Dr. Bob Banjo is a Nigerian who has lived in Jamaica for nearly thirty years.

He visited...Read More »

More Opposition to Abu Bakr Spend

North East St. Andrew MP, the JLP’s Delroy Chuck is rejecting the government’s assertion that the radical Muslim cleric Yasin Abu Bakr is a clear and present danger to Jamaica.

Mr. Chuck is describing as unconvincing, yesterday’s statement in the House of Representatives by National Security Minister, Peter Bunting.

Minister Bunting told...Read More »

Griffith Slams Abu Bakr

Trinidad and Tobago’s National Security Minister, Gary Griffith, says he’d be happy if the radical Muslim leader, Yasin Abu Bakr, was allowed to stay in Jamaica.

Minister Griffith hinted that even the twin island republic deems him to be an undesirable.

Minister Griffith is also dismissing what he says are ‘mischievous’ comments...Read More »

Holness with Aljazeera

Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, says he has confidence in the capacity of local health care workers to deal with a case of Ebola in the country.

However, he’s concerned that they’re not properly equipped.

Mr. Holness made the observation in an interview with Aljazeera America published yesterday.

Ebola Action Plan Could Fail - Davidson

Public health specialist and tele-medicine research pioneer, Dr. Winston Davidson, says the Ebola Action Plan will fail if the government does not tailor its response to satisfy the specific needs of the country.

He says that although the World Health Organization has established guidelines for countries to prepare for the disease,...Read More »

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